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Ghostwriter as a research assistant in the dissertation

There are special rules for writing a doctoral thesis. It should not only contain new scientific findings, but it should also prove the ability of the author to independent scientific work. These are high standards that are increasingly taken seriously, at least in the majority of specialist areas.

A dissertation is therefore often associated with a research project, the amount of work is correspondingly high. In particular, empirical work also requires competences in areas that were not or only marginally discussed in the study.

Data must be collected, assessed for validity and then analyzed by statistical methods. Those who do a doctorate directly at the university or a research institute can count on a variety of support. External doctoral candidates are all too often lone fighters, the contact to the institute of the PhD supervisor is usually not available.

Academic ghostwriters take on tasks that otherwise help student employees or colleagues at the institute. For example, it is possible to have a ghostwriter write a template for a doctoral thesis.

Ghostwriting meets scientific standards

In the past, external doctoral students could sometimes count on a generous assessment of their doctoral thesis by the reviewers, who were well aware of the difficult situation of an external doctorate. You should no longer expect this in the future because dissertations are now subject to public scrutiny on the Internet.

Not only the work of the doctoral students is up for discussion, but also the verdict of the reviewers. Professors will hardly be prepared to be exposed to the charge of writing satisfaction reports.

Strict adherence to scientific standards in a doctoral thesis is now more important than ever – if you want us to write your doctoral thesis as a ghostwriting agency, we will not miss a thing and examine every detail. This tightening of requirements affects both the content and formal requirements of the dissertation.

Citation rules must be meticulously met, the distinction to already published work must be sharp and precise. If you miss a publication of similar content, the web community will surely spot it. Our academic ghostwriters offer the guarantee that your doctoral thesis will not fail due to such formal defects. Not least for that reason you should be supported by a scientific expert when writing your doctoral thesis.

Why should ghostwriters do that better?

Quite simply, because it is their main occupation that they use their entire working time. If you are fortunate enough to obtain a doctorate and a scholarship directly from a chair, you can probably devote almost exclusively to your doctoral thesis – unless you are intensively involved in teaching at the institute.

Then you will usually be able to complete your doctoral thesis without the support of our ghostwriters. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the problem that these full-time doctoral students set the standards by which your doctoral thesis is measured. Although you may only have time for the promotion in the evenings. Since these few hours are usually barely sufficient, our academic specialist authors support you, if you want to have your doctoral thesis written.