TurboDraw Graphic Editor

TurboDraw is a raster graphics editor with which you can create various images. The program has a user-friendly interface and basic drawing tools, such as: brush, pencil, spray, fill and erase. The program is, in fact, a whole package of application software, as it includes, in addition to the raster image editor, also a number of auxiliary programs, which will be described below.

The program has built-in support for two types of its own format, and it is also possible to work with the most common bitmap image storage format in our time, the *.BMP format.

The TurboDraw package also includes functions for creating graphics for gaming applications, with which you can “cut” the image drawn in TurboDraw into “tiles”.

The program interface is designed to be the most convenient and functional for the user. When working, the user can use a palette of 256 colors, it is worth noting that such a range of colors is quite enough to transmit any necessary graphic information without losing visual qualities. Moreover, most video adapters of the old generation support only such a color palette.

The program is focused on creating game graphics and static images .

The TurboDraw package can be quite useful for beginners or inexperienced programmers of gaming applications, as it does not require any knowledge of the specifications of graphic formats such as bmp or gif. The user only needs to connect the TDRAW.TPU module to his program and use one of the procedures for rendering the images included in it.