The recipe for consciousness: can humans and robots dream of the same 5.0

In the XXI century, the question of the nature of consciousness will become one of the key ones. Previously, only philosophers asked them, and life went on as usual, but technology is changing a lot: now we are creating artificial intelligence models that successfully pretend to be personalities. We need scientific judgments about the mind, feelings and consciousness of machines, animals and people, as this affects the system of rights and morals, our actions in relation to them and directly […]

Malware: how to protect yourself 3.7

Previously, children were taught to wash their hands before eating and not to trust strangers, now — not to download dubious programs from the Internet and not to open spam. Digital hygiene in the modern world is even more important than a locked door at night. To commit a cybercrime, you do not need to get into the house, it is enough to get into a smartphone. Naked Science investigates what malware is and how to protect yourself from it.

The […]

Hackers have learned to use the touch screen at a distance of 5.3

Electromagnetic radiation allows you to simulate finger tapping and other commands for the touchscreen without approaching it.

Developers from the University of Florida demonstrated a prototype of the system, which they themselves compared to an “invisible finger”. In fact, it is able to remotely send commands to a smartphone, tablet or other device with a touch screen, using invisible electromagnetic waves. The novelty is being demonstrated at the Black Hat cybersecurity forum taking place in Las Vegas. Details about it are […]